About the Long Chair

The Long Chair originates from a blue hour in March 2020, when we – two people who divide their lives between London and the Middle East – found ourselves with the prospect of having to stop boarding a plane on a whim and accept that the world went into lockdown for the foreseeable weeks. Lucky for us, with a sizeable library at hand, it felt more like a reenactment of Boccaccio’s Decamerone than Camus’ La Peste. Going through the titles, we began to reminisce where we read the books we hold dear, and day-dream, with a new discovery in hand, about Where to take it once the borders would reopen.

The game turned out to be so entertaining that we thought it would be nice to share. Especially as memories of past trips and lists of – for the moment – unreachable destinations became increasingly detailed (down to ‘What to wear while reading Henry Miller on Crete’), and the impasse of having to stay at home created the prefect pretence to order the one or other interior addition that would allow to Read in Style.

So if we would have to define what the Long Chair is about, we would probably say it is a blog that believes that books (or rather, all the good ones) not only set a certain mood, but deserve a certain setting. It does not necessarily have to be ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’, but it might be – just as it might be the prefect cup of tea in a particularly nice cup. We have called it a bibliophile style guide, because for us, bookish and stylish will always go hand in hand. 

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